Saturday, November 29, 2008

So....What Is She Wearing?

Today's special female guest outfit comes from Marrrriaa Quintessa. She like all of my other guests was able to put together something unique and her own and I think you will enjoy it.

Her hair is from ::69:: and is called Rush 2 (200L per tone package). It's a nice long hairstyle that fits well with her Native American themed skin.

The headband to complete the look comes from Slow Kitchen and is called Hippie Headband (50L). It works very well with the look and ties everything together.

This snazzy looking Felicity Sky (275L) dress comes from Elate and was well made and moved along well with her AO. It made it a bit tough to capture a picture to really show this but it has a very nice flow and realistic movements.

The Navy Bracelet was a gift from Untone Quilt and has some well made small primwork that fit in very well with the look with all of its bits and bobs.

I also noticed this tattoo she was wearing from Garden of Ku called The Tibetan Book (200L). I have always admired well made tattoos and have trouble finding them at times. The Garden however has always seemed to come through with well made and varied tattoos to choose from.

Each tattoo that i have picked up from there doesn't miss a bit of the details from the main image down to any small text or detailing it is always there and ready to add a special something to that new skin.

Her choice in the shoe department was Maitreya's Mishima Dawn (375L). There isn't much I have to say about Maitreya's shoes that hasn't been said before. They are stylish and great looking shoes and I am sure the shop itself is in most women's top five shoe outlets.

All of her shoes have been well shaped and varied for just about any look. With great texturing and at least with the men's shoes plenty of color options to get them fitting an outfit just right.

SLurls and Other Credits

::69:: -

Slow Kitchen -

Elate! -

Garden Of Ku -
Other Credits
Skin - The Obsene - Siren - Amber - Chakra
Nails - Mai Body Shop - Red Nails

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