Friday, November 7, 2008

So....What Is She Wearing?

Today my special female guest is the one and only Esme Milena. She was kind enough to donate this fine fall outfit to the blog and as you can see in the pics she did a great job putting it together.

Her hair for this outfit is TekuTeku's Anne (200L per 3 color pack) in Misty Rose. Nice and choppy up top and a couple of classy loosely braided tails.

Also shown a pair of sunglasses i featured a while back which goes to show their versatility. The Emery Aviators (120L per color) in Rosy go with a variety of different looks and come in a nice assortment of five shade colors.

This really nice fall themed vest comes from MG Fashion and is called simply Vest & Jacket (300L). It is shown here in deep red, but there are quite a few different colors to choose from

It has a very nice warm comfy looking texture and perfect fall coloring. Also notice the nice detailing all around from the buttongs to the pockets every little detail is well made and sharp looking.

She also managed some really great layering on her bottom half as you can see here. There is a Deracine Tulle Skirt, Armidi Limited Kogo Skinny Pants (175L per color) and Axel Ladeeda Socks (75L per color).

Each item adds another nice touch and fits very well together. Just a solid simple blend in which everything seems just right without an overtaking detail.

As in my last female feature Esme also chose a boot from J's. This must be a sign that if you happen to be a female reader you should give this shop a peek.

The quality featured in the last roll down boots is also present here on these Western Boots (350L) in black. Definately some of the most well made cowboy boots i have seen thus far. Stylish look to the details to make them good for a nice upscale western look.

SLurls and Other Credits

TekuTeku -

Emery -

MG Fashion -

Armidi Limited -

Axel -

J's -

Other Credits

Bracelet - Ume Mode - Wood Bracelet

Ring - Creamshop - Wood Coin Ring

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