Monday, November 10, 2008

So....What Are You Wearing?

Today i have yet another simple casual fall outfit tossed together. I still had a leftover top from sifting through Random Fashions and tossed some things together around it.

The hair today is from Truth and is called Pete shown here in Panama (No Longer Available). I like this hair as it seems fun and playfull. A lot of messed bits that are styled at the same time. Its like waking up in the morning and somehow your bed head became tolerable. There were tons of available shades to choose from as well.

The top today is from Random Fashions and is just called Flannel Shirt (75L). As you can see its a back to the basics comfy flannel. The two toned stripes are great for outfit color schemeing and it comes in five different color versions.

It has really great shading on the collar area and very detailed buttons. I also love the way the collar button looks. It is open but not too open. When returning to the shop for these welcome back posts i found myself hard pressed not to buy a lot of other items as i have always liked his texturing and color choices.

These are another version of the new Lookr jeans Let Rip (195L per shade) and if you haven't been in to see the new line definately pop over and at least have a look around. They provide a nice variety of clothing with great looking casuals and classy wears for both men and women.

I love the large solid stitching used on these and the cuffs all seem to fit well and are easy to edit. You get a rolled and non-rolled version of the jeans and 4 prim cuffs to match up with them.

I also wanted to take one of those very few moments in my SLife that i bother to show any skin and give you a look at this tattoo. It comes from Devol and is called Tiger Dragon Tattoo (350L).

The only problem i have with tattoos in SL would be that most of the very well done tatts all seem to have asian themes. Not that this is a bad thing but i would like to see some of the more talented tattoo artists mix things up a bit more as i see lots of tigers/dragons/asian females featured and very little of anything with a western or even a Samoan theme to them.

SLurls and Other Credits

Truth -

Random Fashions -

Lookr -

Devol -

Other Credits

Eyes - Flesh Peddlers - Bright Eyes - Tobacco

Skin - Damiani Fashion Design - Neo Skin Normal Full Beard

Shoes - Akeyo Chucks Low Top - Olive/Yellow/Olive

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