Friday, November 14, 2008

So....What Is She Wearing?

This weeks special guest female outfit comes from Eeka Batz and though she seemed nervous when i asked her to come up with one i think she did a great job.

Her hair is from Aden and is titled Kara Re-Mastered (150L per color or 900L for the pack) in light blonde. As you can see its a very well made hair with overswep bangs and two great long tails. Aden may seem to be known mainly for her skin work and i can see why, but her hair shouldn't be downplayed as many of the styles were well made and available in a nice amount of tones.

This great jacket is the BP Duffle Coat (250L) in red. It has a really great red texture and some nice detailing. The houndstooth clasps and the buttoned clasps on the cuffs are both wonderful touches. I also like the shading on both of the front pockets and along the sleeve arms are some thin lighter toned stripes that also help this coat look even better.

As we move into fall i find myself already stocking up on new coats and sweaters almost daily. I seem to remember having an older male version of this and it looked just as good on a man. So don't be afraid to try one of the six available colors of this in the Male version.
Her lower half is covered by a combination of the Shop Seu Short Pants in black (90L) which have their own unique look and the BP 2008 Wool Tights (120L for 4 color packs) in black gold polka dot. I liked the textures on these and they could be a nice sexy summer short without being a daisy duke if needed as well.

The tights are also well made and work well in well both the shorts and tucked into her nice boots. There are also an argyle and single color versions with a wide range of different color choices available
The boots she chose come from Shiny Things and are called Comfy Boots (350L). The shop name alone says quality and that is apparent in all of her shoes,boots, and accessories.
Great texturing and well shaped these could be used for tons of different outfits and looks. the rippled area just around the heel is a nice touch and they look as if they are a nice soft suede or velvet covered boot.
Once again i would like to take time to thank each of my current female guests and the female guests to come for sharing a bit of their personal syle and covering things from a female perspective.
SLurls and Other Credits
Other Credits
Skin - Redgrave - Lyla Pale Skin Smoky
Lashes - Detour - Klee Lashes

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