Monday, November 3, 2008

So....What Are You Wearing?

Today i just wanted to show off a few different things so i tossed together a bit of a remix of yesterdays outfit and here we go.

This soft toned eyeliner heavy skin is one of Aitui's Redeemer (1700L per skin) series. Really well done skins all around and as you can see faces made for photos.

The Panda Pacifier (80L per color) is an oldie but goodie from Black Catter and with Nu-Rave being all the buzz why not bring back a fad with something well done. There are a large number of colors and animals to choose from to mix and match as needed.

The great "92 " Mixtape Necklace (80L)comes from Kari and i once attempted to talk Menno out of one of these ages ago after seing Ryan from Men's Second Style sporting one there. It is a very well sculpted item of course with perfect texturing and 3 easy to fit any AV sizes.

The Toastface 7 T (50L) you see here comes from none other then female fashion blogger Uma Ceawlin's Toastface label and i have it layered over an older Stellar Designs Thermal Shirt.

This Uranus Bracelet from Perturb/ation wasn't originally going to be a part of this outfit. I had planned to head into the mainstore which didn't exist when i got this one and pick up whatever great new items i could find. To my dismay however this remained his only male piece though there are a lot of new female pieces just as well made and worth a look.
It seems most of the time i find myself filling my accessory slots with the same 4-5 shops and i really wish i had more ideas on where to shop for well made men's jewellry. Watches seemed covered and it is rare i find any sort of all male lines in any accessory shop.

Once again i have the combination of the Sey Maki2 Hoodie (300L) and a nice well made pair of jeans from Humby Designs. They have a nice well worn look to them and come with the great prim cuffs with a built in resize script for easy fitting.

Come to think of it both items do and this is a very welcome touch to any sort of clothing that may need a tad bit of adjusting. I have many a ruined belt in my closet that would have died to have this option.
Even if you have to scrape up your each and every linden for a month to buy these shoes you should. Plain and simple if you buy this pack of shoes you should never need another tennis shoe again. Of course some of us will still get everything we can hunt down. But dollar for dollar the range and great look of the Soreal Superstars (399L per color or 3499L for all the colors +3 limited colors) are almost impossible to beat.
At least save up for your favorite color and i promise you will get your every linden worth out of them.
SLurls and Other Credits
Other Credits
Hair - Gritty Kitty - Pride - Black
Eyes - Flesh Peddlers - Bright Eyes - Chambray
Other Bracelet - Yukirei - Sylish Leather Bracelet - White
Socks - Sinistyle - Gym - Blue
Finger Tape - Sinistyle - Taped Fingers And Black Nails - (Index,Middle)

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