Thursday, November 13, 2008

So....What Are You Wearing?

For today's outfit i didn't think i would wind up with another look alike, that is until i stumbled upon the Daft Punk - Discovery (700L) helmets from Pharen Digital.

As you can see he didnt miss any details and there are multiple versions as well as both the gold and silver helmets available.

There are also different LED light patterns like th e arrow and the silver helmet has its tradmark scrolling text. You will also recieve an all black skin that helps the helmet match your head a bit better for a snug easy fit and the gloves to go along with the outfit.

This tuxedo comes from Styles of Edo and is called simply 2008 Tuxedo4 Coordinated20 (650L). This is the version with the Rye Jacket and it seems very classy while having just a bit of a wild flair.

It has a well detailed tie and as you can see the collar and kerchief are both very attractive and draw a nice line around your form. The vest is bright and nicely patterned as well to add just a tad of flair and pop to the rest of the suits dark solid tones.

The shoes to go with the tuxedo came from Kalnins and are called the Marteno (500L). As with all of his recent releases these are very well shaped and textured.

They fit well and have an easy to use color change script to fit a nice variety of suits and tuxedos. There are also some very well done touches added to the toe of the shoe that give it a really great overall look.


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