Sunday, November 2, 2008

So....What Are You Wearing?

Last night i was lucky enough to be snagged up by none other than Sammy Humby herself to shoot a few photos wearing some of her line specifically the Dago Collection jeans. I wasn't sure how this would look on my AV and hadn't purchased them for myself yet. To my suprise they turned out to be easy to edit to fit and easy to match up with with their smooth texturing.

This hair you have seen me in before already it is the Deadline (130L) by Gritty Kitty shown here in Blonde.

This bracelet is from brogear and is called the Emo Square Bracelet (155L). As you can see its six different bands all tied together in one easy to fit bracelet. Nicely done small detailing and color choices make this well worth the linden.

Seems a bit of a while since Broder sent out that new things coming soon notice out. I look forward to anything he may be working on and hope their are more unique looking male/female accessories included among whatever he releases.

The top shown here is a nice and simple casual 3 button shirt from Humby Designs called the Chain Shirt. As you can see it has a nice well drawn fit and the stripes are actually variously colored chain bars runnning around the shirt. There is also a nicely sculpted collar along with the package though not shown here.

The hoodie on my waste is one of the Sey Maki2 Hoodies (300L) that were a blog explosion not to long ago. Still getting plenty miles out of mine due to its nice variety of color scripted textures and easy to edit resize scripting.

These are one of the many colors of Sammy Humby's new Dago Collection Jeans. As you can see the colors really stand out well and they come with easy to edit resize scripted cuffs which i always find to be a nice added touch to any product. Each of the colors i was given to wear was bright while not being overwhelming and i definately plan to get back over there soon to purchase all of the rest.

With the multitude of denim in the grid i always find it nice to find something with a new and unique texture and feel and these jeans are just that.

These tennis shoes are the somewhat recently released Kari Kicks (350L) that were part of the collaborative New School Outfit. They come in a ton of different shades all inspired by Menno's peers and there is an amazing selection of scripted tones to choose from.

There are 3 provided versions in the package to fit any and all AVs. A small ladies version and large male version and a resizable version make these a great well priced shoe for any male or female on the grid. Be sure to give a look at the rest of the collection while you check these out each item released was well made and looks perfect on either sex.

SLurls and Other Credits

Gritty Kitty -

Brogear -

Sey -

Kari -

Other Credits

Sunglasses - Emery - Aviator - Rosy

Skin - Appearance Mode - Fair Pink

Bag - Last Eden - Record Bag

Headphones - FNKY - MDJ-V800 Pro Dj Headphones

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