Saturday, November 8, 2008

So....What Are You Wearing?

Today's outfit is another nice earth toned ensemble and the celebration of the return of Garbage Prototype's Random Fashions.

The hair i am using is an older release from Influence called Deviance (235L per color or 1500L for the full pack) but as you can see it holds up well even today. Great sharp looking chopped sections that look styled but messed at the same time. Plenty of color choices available also give this style quite a large bit of versatility so that you can use it with just about any outfit you could throw together.

This is a well made Random Fashions Knitted Top (75L) shown here in Green. When returning to his shop i found it tough to choose from the various fall toned tops. From T's to stylish jackets there are plenty of browns, yellows, beiges and tans to throw together tons of different outfits all in one location. Not to mention some really great and well priced skins and a full women's clothing line.

The super cool Scribble Bracelet (100L) comes from Kari and is made up of small squared wooden tiles. Really nice texturing and shaping all around on this fine item.

These well textured soft looking denim jeans called Brand Jeans 101 (150L per shade) shown here in brown also come from Random Fashions. There are tons of shades and color combos that could be used with this outfit and the available options presented. He always seems to have a nice variety of colors and styles with each and every release and i can't wait to see what he has planned for the future.

Talk about an item with some serious versatility. The Akeyo Chucks (600L) which i am wearing the low top version of here have a million different options. Tons of scripted colors and the ability to color just about every part of the shoe make these a fashion boon at the price. One of those tennis shoes you keep finding yourself using over and over again.

I am really enjoying getting to toy around with some nice warm tones after all of the bright colors of the summer. There are tons of great releases and hopefully i will get a chance to cover all of my favorites.

SLurls and Other Credits

Influence Hair -

Random Fashions -

Kari -

Akeyo -

Other Credits

Sunglasses - FNKY - GC2564 Glasses - Black-White Large

Other Bracelet - Mhaijik Things - 3 Block Gold Citron Cord Bracelet - Lg size

Tattoo - Devol - Fujin Raijin - Karajishi no Kanji

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