Friday, November 21, 2008

So....What Is She Wearing?

Today my special guest is someone i have worked with for a good while in SL from her club The Juice to various charity events that i was honored to dj for. Her name is Violet Morellet and this is the outfit she was nice enough to contribute.

Her hair is called Pipy (2 color packs for 200L)from Mirai Style and its a fun style with nice long sections and great texture work. It also has that great little headband that you may have seen both in RL and spread about on fashionable SL women for a little while now.

This top is part of a new Bijou outfit called the Vibe Leopard Set (300L for top,vest and jeans). There is also a leopard vest top that comes along with this version that isnt shown here as well as a multitude of different color mix and matches of tops and vests. The top also comes with some wrinkled prim cuffs if you choose to go that route with the outfit.

Each of them are all very well made and there are quite a few other new releases for you ladies to have a peek at while you are there in just about every style you could imagine.

These are the pair of jeans that rounds out the outfit and they have great shading work and manicured tears and spots. The pocket and knees are especially well done and i think you definately get your lindens worth with the many options and mix and match combos available.

This was actually my first time to visit Bijou and i really wish men were so lucky to have more dedicated shops with a variety of styles and colors available. Stop in Bijou today i guarantee you won't be dissapointed.

The shoes she chose are the Pornstar Xtra Hi-Tops from Urban Bomb Unit. If you were like me and grew up through the 80's I am sure you remember the long two color cons that you could roll the flap down to display the inner color.

As far as i know these are the only shoe like this in all of Second Life and no detail is overlooked. The shoe itself is a great remake of a classic shoe with great texture work and amazing lifelike laces.

She also had this really great Ninja Thumb Band-Aid on but i couldn't for the life of me get a good close up of it to show it off properly. It was made by Adeline Blackthorne and i havent seen anything like it thus far. Definately worth looking into for a small detail touch.

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