Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So....What Are You Wearing?

Today's outfit is a special shout to Rance Alva and is also a bit of a tribute to a great little band called Black Kids and their lead singer Reggie Youngblood.

Up top today is the Freedom Fro from Nylon Outfitters. This is my go to fro though you may have better personal results with Creamshops Small Afro.

The Skin was tough to track down as Reggie is darker than tan but lighter than most darker male skins. I lucked out by retracing my steps back to Nylon Outfitters after going through quite a few other shops and stumbled on this Herschel - Shaved (800L) skin that just about fit the bill.

I am also wearing one of Humby Designs new unisex graphic T's (50L) called Tape It For Me shown here in black.

All of these new T's have great colorfull and stylish graphics and come in two shades. There are a nice little assortment of five various colorfull graphics ready to wear with whatever your next casual affair may require.

Next i would need the skinny indie hipster jean to help round out this look. I popped over to Emery and was able to use these Daft Jeans (150L) to fill my needs quite well there was also a super indie hipster/emo white belt version of these as well.

They have a nice fit to them and come with prim cuffs which are always great to defeat the bugged jean mishap that we all love so much. The texturing and shading are done well and they are a nice looking pair of thin skinny slacks that you could use in a variety of other ways.

I found it tough to find a good picture of many of the shoes that Reggie normally wears. I figure though if anything it would either be something vintage or the newest thing out.

I went with the newest and here they are the Truth Xtrainer (350L). Great range of colors if you can afford them. Male and female sizes are included in the package and there are a good number of variations to choose from or pick up in one big pack. Quality work is shown on these and its nice to see more designers taking a stab at shoes.

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Other Credits

Eyes - Simtropia - Deep Brown