Monday, November 24, 2008

So....What Are You Wearing?

Today's outfit was something i stumbled on while researching the price of another item. It seemed to be a lucky find as well and plenty of value for the price.

The Queen of the Junkyard Crown from Kyoot was given to me for a job well done djing this week at The Velvet. This is a cool little headress and would look great in themed photos.

The glasses are actually a freebie from Role Optic and are as well made as any glasses ive seen in SL. While you are there be sure to have a look at the newly released Aviators.

This suit is Valiant's Designer Showcase Autumn Suit (125L). If you want to talk about bang for your buck this is a tough suit to beat.
There are two jacket layers, both under layers, and prim cuffs and collar. All of it is just as well made as any of his other fine men's products with great texturing and a nice look with the plaid vest layered over the simple white dress shirt. The cuffs fit well and i was able to edit them very easily for a nice fit.

The slacks that come along with the suit are also well textured and look nice with the belt slighty peeking out from underneath the jacket.

As with the shirt they include prim cuffs that fit well over a variety of shoes with minimal edits and sliding into place.

All in all i have rarely seen this much for so little other then possibly the B@rerose outfits and with just shoes and hair tossed in the mix you are set.

Speaking of shoes these are the new Kalnin Atlantica Boots. He keeps branching off in new directions with each release and now offers dress, sneakers and finally a boot.
They feature all of his normal shoe options with scripted sizing and coloring as well as the shine level of the boot. The textures are richly done leathers and have nice small detail work on the seams.
SLurls and Other Credits
Other Credits
Hair - Gritty Kitty - Hathair - Black
Bracelet - Kari - Scribble Bracelet
Tattoo - Devol - FujinRaijin - karajishi no Kanji
Skin - Damiani Fashion Design - Neo skin normal Shaved

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