Saturday, November 22, 2008

So....What Are You Wearing?

This outfit is just something i tossed on recently to run around in and i thought i would share.

The hair is an oldie but goodie from Cake (300L per tone or 8000L for a pack of all) called Beck shown here in black. A nice well styled mullet like style with a bit of a tough edge to it.

The Aviator (189L) glasses come from King for men and are a great deal for the price with a nice range of lense and frame colors to choose from. I also added in Lucas Lameth's Mala Beads Necklace (179L) for a small but well made detail.

This is the Wimbledon Cream Cardigan (200L)from Valiant and like his other products which come in a nice range of styles and colors it has nice texture work and attention to detail.

The large buttons and soft look of the sweater work well together and it really looks like it fits comfortably on your frame. There are very few shops that are dedicated only to male fashion and Valiant has definately come through with release after release of quality products with men in mind.

I have featured the LB Trouser (350L) from Muism in my blog a couple of times now in two other versions and this is the third and last version available in gold/brown.

I love the baggy look of these and how they are able to keep both a casual and well styled look to them. The prim cuffs are easy to edit and the package is made for both males and females and look great on both.

This is another variation of the Truth XTrainer (350L per color or 3000L for the pack) shoe that i have also featured recently. I regret not just waiting out the linden and buying the pack as i already know i will return over and over again to get pairs to mix and match.
All of his shoe releases are well done and it is always nice to have more shoe options as a male as our selection of quality footwear seems to be a problem for many male shoppers.
SLurls and Other Credits
Lucas Lameth Fashion Jewelry -
Other Credits
Skin - The Abyss - Eclipse 4B
Tattoo - Aitui - Aggression - Fresh
Cigarette - FNKY - Cigarette II - Short Burning Ash

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